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        • Hi,
          thanks for article, i am new in Automation what is next step after creating build file means how we can use this jenkins build Snapshot file . and where?

            • Hi -

              I followed this tutorial step by step and when I reached the Root POM textbox under configuration section, I received an error message. When I entered the full path of my pom.xml, it gives me the following error message:

              No such file: ‘/Users/jaysanias/Documents/workspace/CucumberTest/pom.xml’ (image attached).

              I know the above path is correct and there is that pom.xml file in this path but I am sure what's causing this error. I am kind of stuck here for more than a day.

              Any help or advise to fix this issue would be greatly appreciated.

              P.S. I am running jenkins in our local host and working in Mac


              • Hi -

                I am currently writing an automation framework, where I work has several environments viz. Development Environment, Staging and Live. And understandably we have different base urls, user name and password for different environments. I plan to automate the daily tests on different environments using Jenkins. At the moment, I have hardcoded all the variables in the step definition files, committed in the repo and run it on Jenkins.

                What I am thinking at this stage is that I should be able to pass the environment I want to test under as a parameter in Jenkins and based on this a correct configuration with appropriate variables (urls, user names and passwords) are chosen which is in turn used by the step definition files for execution.

                I did some basic look up in google and I am not sure if I am searching for correct things based on my requirements.

                I am not looking for shortcuts here, I am wiling to spend the time it takes to learn things by reading docs and trying out examples.

                Can someone point me in the right direction as to how to approach this?

                Your help is much appreciated, thanks a ton in advance for your time.

                  • Hi, Could you please tell me how to specify specific tests to run in Pom.xml? I am sure it has to do with <includes> attribute, but an example would be nice. Thanks!!

                      • Could we create .jar executable file to run without Maven? I added maven-jar-plugin into pom.xml but can't run:
                        # java -jar test.jar
                        Error: Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/testng

                          • A very nice tutorial and explained in a very clear manner...
                            Found a spelling mistake above in the line
                            Using Jenkings without Maven- It is supposed to be jenkins instead of Jenkings. May be being a test engineer I could not resist to share it. Hope it makes sense.. :)