Project: Desktop Outlook Calendar to Google Calendar Sync Tool

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Intermediate / Expert, Web, Command-Line, API, Parsing, FFI


There are not a lot of syncing tools that can sync calendar items in my Outlook Calendar to my Gmail Calendar. There are virtually no free syncing tools that can do that reliably, either. I’m currently using GO Contact Sync Mod. For some reason, it offsets the times of all of my Outlook Calendar items by one hour, so it’s only marginally useful to me.

There’s a few extra features I would like it to have:

I wondered how hard it would be to write a command-line tool like this in Haskell.

General approach

100% Haskell

Writing it entirely in Haskell will probably be very hard. The first hurdle to pass is the parsing of .pst files, a gargantuan file format that saves all Outlook data in a proprietary binary format. A highly detailed technical documentation of the format is available here. While, hypothetically, it would be possible to write a parser for these files, it would be a very large undertaking. For those still interested, there are several open-source projects available in other languages for inspiration: Java, C.


Writing it in F# might be a fun project to learn the language and allows you to use existing (C#) libraries to get data from a .pst file.

Haskell + C FFI

Alternatively, one could interface with the libpst C library via the C Foreign Function Interface and get data that way. Several simple utilities are also available. Especially lspst is a very small example.