Project: Ogone API library

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Simple, API, Web


Ogone is a payment processing system popular in the Netherlands and Belgium.

A comprehensive implementation guide is available here.

The idea is to be able to construct a data structure with all the necessary attributes to send a payment request to the Ogone payment processing system. Expect lots of data declarations and newtypes, but also some simple business logic (generating a SHA from all attributes, etc).

Once implemented, you can try it out yourself with a Haskell web framework. Test accounts for Ogone are free, although they take a day or two to be approved.

What you will learn

This project will make you think on how to structure a program with types.

Ogone is able to send a HTTP request to the originating website when one of these states is reached. Accepting and parsing these requests is a good exercise to get acquainted with Haskell web frameworks such as Scotty, Snap and Yesod.

You can also test out the rest of the functionality on a simple Haskell web framework. Bonus points if you include some kind of form redirect generation functionality.